Our products

Bamdura® bamboo products are made of 100% solid MOSO species bamboo. The raw material for manufacturing our outdoor bamboo products, which include decking and flooring, is only chosen from bamboo that is over 4 years old. The only bamboo we use is organically grown and FSC certified. Bamdura® bamboo products are not only green, strong and renewable but also sustainable and environmentally friendly!
We pride ourselves on our unique design patent because it provides for flexible dimensions to suit your personal needs. Discover the endless options and uses of our product on this website.

Bamdura® outdoor bamboo products can be devised into a number products and projects such as decks, docks, walkways, pools/jacuzzis, bamboo siding, porches, patios, gazebos, balconies, landscaping, outdoor furniture, cladding, ceilings, moldings, sections, facades, fences, terraces, trellis work, spa area, marine decking etc.

The production

Bamdura® bamboo decking is made using a hot pressure process laminating the raw material. This technology results into a product that is highly resistant to warping and twisting. Bamdura® bamboo is dimensionally stable which means there is less expansion and contraction compared with other materials to your end-product. With our innovative patented technology bamboo strips can be laminated into any thickness, width and length. Our customers can use our product for a wide range of applications. No other solid bamboo product can offer you this product range!
Bamdura® AMP - Anti Mold Protection, which meets SGS international standard, has solved high maintenance problems and guarantees a lifespan of 25 years. Avoiding mildew and mold under extreme temperature variations, plus there is no de-lamination and rot for both commercial and residential projects. Due to high demand and marketing feedback Bamdura® bamboo products with vertical or horizontal structure, phenolic resin glue (non-toxic, hazardous, water proof) have been developed for outdoor bamboo decking, bamboo dimensional lumber, post, wall cladding, ceiling, and bamboo panels.

Use and installation

Bamdura® bamboo has a beautiful natural brown-golden colour tone, this color is naturally carbonized without any stain or finish! The surface is clear with a bamboo grain appearance. As with any product that is exposed to outdoor environment, the colour of Bamdura® bamboo product will fade into grey over time and will weather to a matte finish.
Bamdura® bamboo product is convenient for cutting, screwing, installation (No special tools are needed for installation) and can also easy be painted, stained or sealed. It has a low weight and is easy to handle and carry.

If you want to enjoy outdoor living in an ecologic atmosphere with the luxury of international allure, choose one of the Bamdura® bamboo products. 

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