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Posts and poles

Bamdura laminated bamboo poles and posts are engineered construction materials created by bonding multiple layers of bamboo together using advanced lamination techniques. This process enhances the strength, durability, and versatility of bamboo, making it an excellent choice for various structural applications.

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Laminated Bamboo Poles:
Strong, durable, and eco-friendly building materials

Bamdura poles and posts come in different sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a wide range of projects, from building sturdy support structures to creating aesthetically pleasing outdoor features. The combination of sustainability, strength, and adaptability makes laminated bamboo poles and posts an attractive choice for eco-conscious builders and architects seeking durable and eco-friendly materials for their construction projects.

With its natural resilience and fast-growing properties, bamboo is already an environmentally friendly option for construction. Laminating bamboo further improves its load-bearing capacity, making it comparable to or even surpassing traditional hardwoods and steel in strength.

Article number
Laminated post & pole profile detail


Item Code Length Width Thickness Side finish Profile Top Profile Bottom Lamination Remarks
PO-01 1960-4880 90 90 No Finish Flat Flat Vertical Square
PO-02 1960-4880 140 90 No Finish Flat Flat Vertical Square
PO-03 1960-4880 42 38 No Finish Flat Flat Vertical Square
RD-01 300-5000 ** Ø 28 - - - Vertical Round
RD-02 300-5000 ** Ø 35 - - - Vertical Round